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Budapest 2017 FINA World Championships

Are you ready for the FINA World Championships in Budapest ?
You can get useful information about Championships venues below.
Don’t miss it !

☆ FINA Information ☆
Period:24. 07. 2017 – 30. 07. 2017 
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Duna Aréna

Venue : Duna Aréna
Period : 14.07.2017 - 30.07.2017 
Disciplines : Swimming & Diving
The closest station : Tram 1 line『 Népfürdő utca 』Station
Local info : There is a Hungarian restaurant but you should buy something to eat before visiting Duna Aréna.

Access from the center of Budapest : 
Get on metro 3 at Deák Ferenc tér station  
Get off at Árpád híd station and transfer to the tram line
Get off at Népfürdő utca station


Venue : Városliget Lake ( City Park Lake )
Period:14.07.2017 - 22.07.2017 
Disciplines:synchronised swimming
The closest station : Metro 1 『 Hősök tere 』station 
Local info : There are several good restaurants and cafés but a little bit far from a convenience store or a super market. 

Balaton Lake

Venue : Balatonfüred
Period : 15.07.2017 - 21.07.2017
Disciplines:Open water swimming
The closest station : Balatonfüred 
Local info : Balaton lake ( Beach Balatonfüred ) is worth visiting in the summer!

Access from the center of Budapest: 
Get on MÁV train at Déli pályaudvar station 
Get off at Balatonfüred station 
It usually takes 2 hours from Budapest


©2017日本ハンガリーメディアート 水球
Venue : Alfred Hajos Complex 
Period : 16.07.2017 - 29.07.2017
Disciplines : Water polo
The closest station : Tram 4 or 6 line 『 Margitsziget 』station
Local info : Tram 4 and 6 line are 24-hour service. 

Buda embankment of the Danube

Venue : Buda embankment of the Danube 
Period: 28.07.2017 - 30.07.2017
Disciplines : High diving
The closest station : Metro 2 『 Batthyány tér 』station
Local info : There are a super market, a few convenience stores, and restaurants.  

Access from Deák Ferenc tér :
Get on Metro 2 at Deák Ferenc tér station
Get off at Batthyány tér station

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