2017 március 8, szerda

【TV TOKYO】Ki szeretne menni Japánba?

Sziasztok, Magyarok!
Ez a TV Tokyo egyik népszerű műsorának felhívása!

Olyanokat keresünk akik szenvedélyesen rajonganak a japán kultúra iránt.
Mutasd meg nekünk ezt a szenvedélyed, és valósítsd meg az álmod Japánban.

Ez a műsor már több japán rajongónak esélyt adott kijutni, hogy megvalósíthassa az álmát.
Még nem jártál Japánban?! Szeretnél eljutni oda?

Mondd el nekünk a Japán iránt érzett kötődésed és adj lehetőséget arra hogy megnyerd életed utazását.
Szeretne valaki Japánba menni?

Tokyo Metro:László


Kimono: Zsuzsanna


Szoroban: József


Waraji: Krisztián


☆ English Information ☆

Application Guideline
・ Love Japanese culture, and have a deep interest or knowledge in a specific Japanese culture

1. Profile
should include your photo, name, country, age, gender, your appeal point, the reasons
why you want to come to Japan, your specific interest area or category of Japanese culture,
and your dream plan (what you want to do in Japan if you selected)
and any contact means (your Facebook, e-mail or telephone number)

2. Self-promotion Video (This is not an obligation, but video is the best means for you to tell your character and passion toward Japan. )
・There are some means to send us your video;
Posting your video directly on this timeline, or using any free data transfer service (ex. We-transfer or firestorage, etc. )and tell us the download link via our e-mail address([email protected] or ), or .. upload the video to Youtube or net media, and send the URL link via e-mail.
・ 2-3 minutes duration will be welcomed and it’s totally OK to shoot longer one
・There are some possibilities that your profile video itself will be featured on our show.
・ Please include some “selfie” parts in your video to show us your character.
・ You do not need to think too big. But we love to see passion toward Japan through your video.
・ Some useful tips:
It would be a good idea to show us what you are good at doing in Japanese culture through the video.
Some people sing Japanese songs, and some girls show their own artworks etc.
Please do not just talk toward camera.. it would be acceptable,, but not so appealing to us !
We have video audition meeting every Wednesday, Once you finish shooting please send it to us soon.
We are waiting for your entry!

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