2017 szeptember 4, hétfő

【 FUJI TV 】 MR. Sunday 『 Prince Akishino and his Princess Mako visit Hungary 』

The 2nd son of Japan’s emperor Akihito and his daughter Princess Mako came to Hungary in 2017 August.
The royals visited a tradirional farm in Bugac and researched a livestock in the prince’s and his princess’s field of interest.


The prince has a keen interest in livestock, both of them are especially interested in Mangalica which is a Hungarian breed of domestic pig.
Besides this, the pair also visited Museum of Ethnography ( Néprajzi Múzeum ) and studied hungarian folk culture.

In fact, this trip was organized by Prince Akihito himself for his dear daughter before Princess Mako get engaged.

Mr.Sunday director reports their family trip and what they were thinking of each other during the last travel before her marriage.


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