2017 március 7, kedd

【BS-TBS】Travel Documentary in Transylvania, The hidden Secret of Dracula Story

This travel documentary, ” Chikyu Zekkei Kiko ” meaning travel of amazing views in the world, is one of long-running TV shows in Japan.

This time we visited Romania ( Bucharest, Braşov, and Bran ) to reveal the truth of dracula story and  look for a historically fantastic view there.

Beautiful Bran castle under the supermoonlight


The bran castle is mysteriously spotlighted, shining such as gold in the supermoonlight.

The aim of our journey was to reveal the secret of  Dracula Story whoes authoer was Bram Stoker in 1897, why and how was Bram Stoker inspired ?, what and who was the model of vampire fiction story ? ……..

Is it the true colors of bran castle we know ?

This travel documentary is highlighting the model, ” who Vlad Dracula was ” , the genuine story, ” what he did ” .
The fact that the the ruler of Wallachia in 15 C.  has been a hero in Romania is now uncovered …

©2017日本ハンガリーメディアート Vlad III, known as Vlad the Impaler


©2017日本ハンガリーメディアート Bran Castle from the woods


©2017日本ハンガリーメディアート Inside of Bran Castle


©2017日本ハンガリーメディアート Katharina, Vlad’s beloved lady

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